My name is Monica and I am (slowly!) working my way through an OCA degree, although the jury is out at the moment as to which one! I started off studying Photography and recently completed the first course, ‘Expressing Your Vision’. I got a couple of months into the next course, ‘Context and Narrative’, wasn’t sure how much I was enjoying it, so swapped over to Graphic Design Core Concepts, with a view to maybe changing my degree pathway to a Creative Arts degree – watch this space!

My learning log for ‘EYV’ is here.

I have always had an interest in photography as a hobby. In 2010, in a bid to expand my photographic horizons, I studied for a City and Guilds Certificate in Photography. I loved it and on completing the course took the rather insane decision to give up the day job (as an IT project manager) and start a wedding photography business.

5 years on, and in a bid to get my social life back, I have traded the wedding photography for running my own small website design business with the other half – once you get a taste of being your own boss – it is difficult to give it up!

I have always enjoyed being creative and I am hoping that my OCA degree – whatever subject it turns out to be in,  will help me to explore my creativity it much more depth.

I live in Hampshire with my husband and two shamelessly pampered cats.

This is my Learning Log for ‘Graphic Design – Core Concepts’.