Assignment 2 – Self Assessment


I tried quite hard, for this assignment, to create a series of cards that really had not been done before. I thought of a reasonable number of ideas for the card ‘audience’ before deciding on the cards for morris dancers.

It is possible, if you look very hard, to find a small number of cards which have morris dancers on them but not cards that feature more specific morris dancer ‘jokes’ or are for morris specific events. I was pleased that I eventually created 5 cards with very morris specific sentiments.


I spent quite a lot of time researching for this assignment, first exploring some of my other target groups (e.g. people with a terminal illness) and then researching the world of morris dancing. I really wanted my cards to resonate with morris dancers so I wanted to understand their costumes and props, the terms they used, the names of dances, morris events they would attend, what were typical ‘morris’ problems etc.  I was pleased that my research allowed me to create 5 cards that were very ‘morris’ specific.

Visual and Technical Skills

My final card designs were quite restricted by what I thought I would be able to achieve technically. I am still finding my way around Adobe Illustrator and I did struggle with printing the cards on my home printer. Although my collage images were quite simple, I thought they were quite effective, especially as I felt that a simple image, hand-crafted from recycled papers, would appeal to my morris dancer audience.


As my cards were intended for morris dancers, I made a point of avoiding the obvious jokes which would ‘poke fun’ at morris dancing. Instead, I wanted to celebrate morris dancing and understand what morris dancers would connect with. I also wanted to counteract the notion that morris dancing was very old fashioned by using quite a contemporary style of card. My simple and eco-friendly design was also intended to appeal specifically to morris people.


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