Assignment 2 – Making the Cards

My intention for the finished cards was to have text printed directly on the front of the card and for the image to be a hand-made paper collage.

I investigated using an on-line printing service to print the cards but it was not possible to find a company who would print a very small print run of greetings cards for my different designs. I decided, instead, to print the cards myself on my home printer.

I bought some 6 inch square white card blanks (with envelopes) which were ‘pre-creased’ for folding.

I created a document in Adobe Illustrator which was the same size as the open card (12 in x 6 in), placed my text on the document and saved it as a PDF (using the ‘High Quality Print’ PDF option).

I then had to print a few test cards to ensure that the text was centered on the front of the card. The centre of the front of the card on my Illustrator file did not correspond to the centre of the printed card and I could not work out why. I think my printer might be adding a margin when it prints? I ended up finding the ‘centre’ of the printed card through trial and error.

I then printed out my cards with just their text.

I added the images to each card by hand. The images were paper collages created by cutting shapes out of some old sales brochures that I had.






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