Assignment 2 – Critique

Review of Thumbnail Designs

I reviewed the thumbnail designs for the card sentiments with one of the morris dancers that I had access to. I wanted to see which of the designs he thought really worked as a card for morris dancers.

Get Well Soon

My reviewer particularly liked the ‘hipster style’ bearded donkey and the morris hat with flowers. He also liked the hobby horse but noted that I should use the term ‘dancer’ rather than ‘morris man’. He did not feel that the hobby horse with crutches worked. He also liked the ‘fit as a fiddle’ design but felt it was more specific to musicians than to morris dancers.

Welcome to the Side

My reviewer quite liked the Darth Vader design but felt the drawing was a bit weak. He felt the ‘light sabre’ morris stick idea did not work. He felt that the ‘Keep Calm’ design has been overdone and it did not appeal to him. He liked the ‘It’s a Morris Thing’ design as the felt the drawing (a pig’s bladder on a stick) really would be something that only morris dancers would understand.

Let’s Celebrate

My reviewer liked both of the designs for the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ card and thought that they both worked.


My reviewer liked the design for ‘love’ sentiment and was able to ‘get’ the reference on the card.

Thank you for the Ale

My reviewer liked the thank you card and liked the concept of ‘giving flowers’ in the form of a morris dancer’s hat.

Critique of Card Styles.

I also showed the two mockups for each of my styles of card to my morris dancer. He liked both style of card but felt that the hand-crafted card using recycled paper was more interesting and impactful. I decided to create my cards in this style.



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