Artists – Allie Brosch

Just by chance, I happened to hear a short piece on BBC Radio 4 recently about the graphic novel as a form of communication. The piece argued that the visual element of the drawings mixed with short pieces of text  distilled information into its most important points and made it much easier for the reader to absorb and retain. As such, graphic novels and ‘comic’ formats had a valid place in education of adults, i.e. they’re not just for children.

Anyway, knowing nothing about this genre, I started doing a bit of web surfing and found this blog: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosch.

Apart from the stories of Allie as a hyperactive child, constantly getting into trouble, which I found both incredibly funny and totally adorable, I really liked the illustrations. They are incredibly simple and child-like but convey so much emotion! With just a few simple, wobbly strokes of a pen, I can absolutely relate to little Allie’s determination frustration and pain at being denied cake by her Mum! The illustrations were made in MicroSoft Paint, which just goes to show that you don’t have to be a highly accomplished artist or software wizard to produce amazing digital art.

Allie Brosch – from her blog post ‘The God of Cake’



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